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Based in Middlesex County, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC has been serving surrounding areas for over a decade in order to provide the best roofs under the sun. We are committed to providing the highest quality metal roofs, made of 100% aluminum, which include Oxford “Slate”, Rustic “Shake”, and Standing Seam metal roofs, all of which have a unique style. We also offer copper and zinc roofs, which are ideal for accenting your home and provide a long-lasting durable solution for withstanding harsh New England weather. We do not offer galvalume or steel, despite their lower cost, because we do not recommend these materials for residential roofs due to their higher susceptibility to rust and corrosion over time, thus ultimately costing more for the homeowner over time.

Resistance and Durability

We know how the weather is in New England, which is why our roofing systems are prepared to take a beating no matter what the conditions — in fact, our products meet the UL’s Impact Resisting Testing at Class IV, which is the most severe testing, meaning they can withstand the most severe snow, hail, and wind. In addition, our roofs are fire-proof, unlike many other roofing materials. Our roofs are proven not to break down under harsh conditions over time, which is simply not the case for other roofing options.

Long Lifespan

At Classic Metal Roofs, we are committed to providing the last roof your home will ever need; combined with savings in energy costs and damage repair, your metal roof will likely pay for itself in under a decade; with a lifespan of over 50 years, our metal roofs have proven to be a worthy investment as compared to a standard asphalt roof that would need to be replaced entirely in just 10 or 15 years. Plus, we have three generations of building experience on our side, and have been serving the New England area for over a decade with highly specialized crew members who love what they do.

Free Consultations

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a complete estimate. Call Classic Metal Roofs today at (833) 638-7280 or complete our Free Consultation form to get a free quote for the last roof that you will ever need.

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Aluminum metal standing seam roof with snow rail

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Hopkinton, MA - Aluminum metal standing seam roof with snow rail