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The Benefits of Metal Roofing for Stoughton MA Homeowners

Choosing to have a metal roof installed on your Stoughton home from us offers you a variety of benefits. Our metal roofing is an attractive roofing solution that offers homeowners an impressive opportunity to return their investment and energy efficiency.

A Lasting Investment

Metal roofing offers a lifespan of potentially over 50 years! During this time your metal roof will require little to no maintenance given it does not rot, crack, or split like traditional asphalt shingle roofing. During the same time frame, an asphalt shingle roof would require replacing 3 or 4 times depending on the weather conditions and material quality.

Increased Resale Value

While a new metal roof may be a big investment upfront its longevity paired with its impressive return of investment makes it the smart choice of roofing for your Stoughton MA home. In fact, the Metal Roofing Alliance estimates that homeowners in the Eastern States stand to recover up to 95.5% of the cost of their metal roof if they choose to sell their home. Additionally, a new metal roof that has been installed by professionals could offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having our metal roofing installed on your home is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Regardless of your style vision or the architecture of your home, the metal roofing experts at Classic Metal Roofs can help you choose the right metal roof for your home. Our standard styles include:

  • Aluminum Metal Shingle Roof
  • Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Roof
  • Aluminum Shake Metal Roof
  • We also offer custom fabricated copper, zinc, and aluminum metal roofing.

Improve the investment in your Stoughton MA home.

To learn more about metal roofing options, contact Classic Metal Roofs today at (866) 660-6668 or use our Free Consultation form for information and a free quote.

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