Tewksbury, MA

Reap The Benefits of Metal Roofing On Your Tewksbury Home

There are numerous benefits to having a new metal roof installed on your Tewksbury home! Metal roofing offers incredible strength and durability, and thanks to its locking construction is surprisingly low maintenance. Having the experts at Classic Metal Roofs install your new metal roof gives you not only confidence in the installation process, but a properly installed metal roof can offer a discount on homeowners insurance!

Environmentally Conscious

Thanks to the ENERGY STAR®-compliant finish applied to the metal, your home actually staying cooler as solar reflectance is increased and solar radiation is re-emitted to keep the temperature of the roof down. This can lead to a decrease in cooling costs of up to 40% in warmer months. Since your new metal roof can be installed right over your existing asphalt shingle roof you also do not need to worry about waste created by the disposal of the old shingles. Metal roofing can also be manufactured using recycled materials and is essentially 100% recyclable at the ends of its lifespan.

Long Lifespan

Though you may not be consistently in fear of a tornado similar to the one that hit Tewksbury in 1857, the difficult weather of the New England area can cause serious damage to traditional shingles. Thanks to the impressive strength and durability of metal as a roofing material, you have no need to worry about your new metal roof cracking, lifting, spitting, or rotting like a traditional shingle roof. In fact, metal roofing generally offers a lifespan of 3 to 4 times longer than an asphalt shingle roof installed on the same day.

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