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Westborough Homeowners Can Trust Classic Metal Roofs

At Classic Metal Roofs we are proud to share of long resume of over three generations of building experience and over a decade of installing metal roofs in the Westborough MA area. This experience paired with our partnerships with industry-leading metal roofing organizations helps us to feel confident that you are receiving service from a qualified and exceptional metal roofing company. These partnerships also allow us to offer maximum warranty coverage on every new metal roof we install.

Increased Curb Appeal

Regardless of the architectural style of your home, at Classic Metal Roofs has a metal roofing style that is sure to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home while also offering a number of other benefits. Our standard metal roofing prototypes include:

  • Aluminum standing seam metal roof. An Aluminum standing seam metal roof is constructed of continuous runs from the ridge to the eaves. This roofing is held together by raised or “standing” seam with concealed fasteners that create a clean, modern style, along with incredible strength and a watertight surface.
  • Aluminum metal shake roof. Based on traditional hardwood shake roofing, and aluminum metal shake roof offers a great traditional style without the worry of lifting, rocking, and splitting.
  • Aluminum shingle metal roof. Aluminum shingle metal roofing is offered in many of the same colors as traditional asphalt shingles, but with a lifespan of 3 to 4 times longer! This means your new metal roof offers you the best of both worlds in terms of style and functionality

If these standard styles do not match your design vision Classic Metal Roofs also offers custom-designed copper, zinc, and aluminum metal roofing!

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