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Classic Metal Roofs, LLC is undoubtedly the best choice for roofing in and around Hollis, NH. With over 15 years of expertise in the unique conditions of New England, we have what it takes to provide you with the best roof possible, with benefits you and your family can reap for a lifetime. In fact, we guarantee every residential installation under our limited lifetime warranty, so we will be with you and your new roof every step of the way. We offer a large variety of roofing systems, including metal shingle and standing seam metal roofs in various styles and colors, as well as copper and zinc, all of which can last close to 100 years with no maintenance necessary.

The Green Choice

Not only will making the switch to metal benefit your home life, but aluminum specifically is the best performing material available for roofing when considering reduction of waste and energy usage. Our heavy-gauge aluminum is composed of 95% recycled material, can be installed over your old asphalt roof without the difficulty of removal and disposal, and can be recycled again after its use, overall contributing significantly to a reduction in landfill waste and energy costs and paying for itself over time. We also offer copper and zinc roofing, which take significantly less energy to mine and can last even longer than aluminum due to their natural beautiful patinas that develop over time. In addition, all of our roofing systems are ENERGY STAR rated, as our materials insulate and retain more thermal energy in the winter and reflect more solar heat in the summer, which drastically reduces your dependence on energy to maintain comfort for your family.

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