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Our Roofs Are Designed to Last

At Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, we take pride in providing only the highest quality line of roofing systems. We are experts in providing solutions to the roofing problems faced by homeowners in New England, and we know that these conditions can often lead to damages which exhaust your resources of time and money in order to repair and maintain your roof. This is why we are passionate about serving homeowners in Pelham, NH and surrounding areas; our line of roofing systems are designed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions and can last through these conditions for 100 years, no maintenance required. This is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the performance of asphalt roofs and roofs made of lower quality metals like steel and galvalume, which often need to be replaced after just ten years.

Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

When compared to conventional roofs that use asphalt shingles or inferior metals such as galvalume, our metal shingle roofs and standing seam metal roofs are inarguably more friendly to the environment and to your wallet. Our products are ENERGY STAR certified and increase the LEED rating on buildings, meaning that they result in less waste and higher energy efficiency; in fact, investing in one of our roofs can cut energy costs by up to 40% every year by reflecting heat in the summer and absorbing solar energy in the winter. In addition, our aluminum products are made from 95% recycled material and can also be recycled themselves at the end of their lifespan, whereas asphalt shingles are sent straight to the landfill.

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