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Our team of skilled professionals has been installing and maintaining the highest quality metal roofs in New England for over 15 years. From design to repair, we have your needs covered when it comes to premium aluminum, copper and zinc roofing systems. We know the unique conditions your family faces throughout the year in Peterborough, NH, and our experienced team is ready to prepare your roof for any weather conditions that come our way.

Benefits of Aluminum

If you have struggled with maintaining your traditional asphalt roof in the sometimes harsh New England weather, you have probably already wondered if there is a better option. We are here to let you know that a better option exists, and we are the source. While an asphalt roof needs frequent repair and replacement due to water absorption, and can easily lead to infestation by insects and organic growth, our metal roofs are naturally resistant to water, ice, and wind damages, are fire resistant, and will not harbor insects or mosses. Our materials are composed of 95% recycled metals, and can be often be installed directly over an old asphalt roof without requiring costly removal and disposal. While covering your home, our standing seam and metal shingle roofs will reduce your dependence and expenditure on energy resources by more efficiently maintaining comfortable temperatures for you and your family. While our roofs can last up to 100 years, you can rest assured knowing that the materials that make up your roof can be recycled once again when they are no longer needed, contributing to the net positive impact Classic Metal Roofs can help you make in sustainably protecting your Peterborough home.

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