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Why You Should Invest in a Metal Roof Today

If you are looking for a roof to last a lifetime on your home in Johnston, RI, you have come to the right place: Classic Metal Roofs, LLC has been setting newer, higher standards in the metal roofing industry for over three generations, committed to making your home the worry-free and comfortable investment that it should be. Our roofs last close to 100 years with no maintenance required, and all of our residential projects are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Don’t Settle For Less

At Classic Metal Roofs, we source only the best and more durable metals; we offer standing seam metal roofs and metal shingle roofs made from heavy-gauge, high quality aluminum. Our aluminum is made from 95% recycled material and is recyclable itself, to boot, which significantly reduces building waste that typically comes from less environmentally efficient materials like asphalt. We also do not offer galvalume roofs, because although they are a cheaper alternative to metal roofing, they simply do not hold up in harsh weather conditions and result in a dramatically lower lifespan for the roof. Our copper and zinc roofing systems have a striking appearance and are perfect for areas that cannot handle as much stress on the architecture of your home; these materials develop natural layers of protection and can last even longer than our aluminum roofs.

Our metal shingle roofs come in the styles of Oxford “Slate” and Rustic “Shake,” which emanate a classic appearance for your home while also carrying all of the benefits of aluminum roofing. Our aluminum roofs also come in a wide variety of colors, coated with special hI-R paint which increases the energy efficiency of the roof by containing reflective pigments; this cutting edge technology allows for a much wider variety of color choices for roofs without sacrificing energy efficiency, while providing further protection against fading and corrosion.

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