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Classic Metal Roofs, LLC has been operating across the New England area for over 15 years, and we are ready to add your home in South Kingstown, RI to our growing list of successes. Our company has three generations of experience in providing the highest quality metal roofs on the market, giving us the expertise you deserve when you make the decision to invest in a new metal roof.

Why Switch to Metal?

Our standing seam and metal shingle roofs offer significant advantages over conventional roofing materials like asphalt, and over inferior metal roofing materials such as galvalume. We use only the finest recycled aluminum, copper, and zinc because of their natural durability and efficiency. Our metal materials will not absorb water, harbor mosses or insect infestations, or become damaged due to the harsh weather conditions of New England winters. On top of this, our materials are naturally fireproof and lightweight, reducing stress on your home’s structure and easing your mind.

The Planet Will Thank You

Not only does switching to metal benefit your home and your life, but aluminum in particular is the best possible material for roofing in terms of reducing waste and energy expenditure. Our heavy-gauge aluminum is composed of 95% recycled material, can be installed over your old asphalt roof without the headache of removal and disposal, and can be recycled again after use, overall contributing significantly to a reduction in landfill waste and energy expenditure. Add to this the fact that aluminum retains more heat in the winter and reflects more sunlight in the summer, reducing your dependence on energy to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

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We are ready to refit your home with the roof it deserves. If you are ready too, feel free to give us a call at (866) 660-6668 or contact us using our Free Consultation form today!

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Aluminum metal standing seam roof With new skylights and new metal flashing

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South Kingstown, RI - Aluminum metal standing seam roof With new skylights and new metal flashing