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Homeowners in West Warwick, RI neighborhoods are joining the next wave in roofing technology, and our skilled and experienced team is leading the way. With over a decade of experience in the specific conditions of New England, we take the utmost care in crafting metal roofs with the finest materials to last a lifetime.

Features of Our Metal Roofs

Consisting of heavy-duty rust-free 0.032″ aluminum alloy, our standing seam metal roofs are incredibly durable and naturally resistant to damages. Our aluminum panels are installed using concealed fasteners, giving your roof a smooth appearance and a great feature for protection in high-wind areas. Our stainless steel fastening clips and screws secure attachment to the roof, eliminating the problem of electrolysis between dissimilar metals and problems resulting from expansion and contraction. Just one of our metal roofing options, standing seam metal roofs are a perfect solution for lower sloped roofs or problem areas.

We also offer two kinds of metal shingle roofs, our Oxford “Slate” and Rustic “Shake”, which are available in a wide palette of colors to match your exterior decor and personal taste. Aside from aluminum, we offer copper and zinc roofs which serve to accent your home and are ideal for areas of a building that cannot handle as much stress but still require protection from the elements.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Putting one of our roofs on your home is well worth the investment because, in addition to saving you money in the long run and virtually eliminating the need for repairs and maintenance, it will truly last you a lifetime and increase the value and beauty of your home. Contact us at (866) 660-6668 or fill out our Free Consultation form to get an estimate today!

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