Use of VP-275 Solar Seal


Classic Products offers its customers a color matched terpolymer butyl rubber sealant that is manufactured by NPC Sealants. This premium product, called Solar Seal (Classic #VP-275), must be applied properly in order to be effective.


Being a terpolymer butyl rubber product, Solar Seal has the attribute of staying soft and pliable when it is used properly. This creates a very durable sealant. Classic Products chose this sealant for this reason as well as for its excellent adhesion to KYNAR/HYLAR paint systems.


Solar Seal is a “sealant,” not an “adhesive.” Because it stays soft and pliable, it has no “holding power” or ability to “cement” pieces of metal or other items together. When this is attempted, particularly in warm weather, the sealant will stretch and eventually tear. Additionally, Solar Seal should not be  applied in a manner which “bridges” it over voids or gaps. Whenever it is being used to cover a void, the entire void should first be filled with Solar Seal or another item such as metal or a cheaper sealant. Proper installation of Solar Seal also requires that it be installed to completely dry and clean surfaces in order to maintain its adhesion. Additionally, in order to stay soft and pliable, it must always be applied in a bead with a minimum thickness in any direction of 3/8”.