Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Should Be Your Next Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof in MA

The any-slope roofing solution that will dethrone asphalt shingles has not been invented yet, or maybe it has. Standing seam metal roofs is nowhere near the popularity of asphalt shingle roofing systems nationwide, but its stock has been continually on the rise as of late.

For us at Classic Metal Roofs, the days of asphalt shingle roofing at the top are numbered. In fact, metal roofing has currently commanded a 16% market share in 2018.

Here is why the United States is likely to adopt metal roofing products at the expense of asphalt shingles soon.

Standing Seam = Increased Leak Resistance

A standing seam metal roof is called as such because its wide panels are raised, keeping the chances of water infiltration to a minimum. Experienced metal roofing companies, including Classic Metal Roofs, will attest that the panels are usually smooth, shedding leaf debris more easily.

Enhanced Heat Reflectivity

Some asphalt shingle products are considered cool, but they still can’t rival the natural thermal properties of aluminum standing seam metal roofs. With a finish of reflective pigments, the panels can deflect even greater amounts of solar heat.

Standing Seam = Modern Charm

The appearance of metal roofing is captivating more and more homeowners. Traditional houses may use shake and slate style aluminum metal roofs. Standing seam metal roofs also appeal to traditional as well as contemporary homes.

Wide Color Selection

Any reliable metal roofing contractor will agree that aluminum can be painted or coated in a large array of colors that are durable and fade resistant.  Contrary to asphalt shingles are somewhat limited in style. More options mean more aesthetic possibilities and greater curb appeal.

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