Curb Appeal is an Investment That Pays Off

A house with a metal roof and tidy plants and shrubs in front of it in CT, MA, NH, or RI

Great Curb Appeal Pays Off, No Matter What the Real Estate Market

When it comes to residential real estate values, curb appeal is a hot topic.  This always gets a lot of attention—and for good reason. Experts agree that making a great first impression is an investment that pays off.  This can especially add value when the time comes to sell your home.

In fact, according to a report by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington, studies show that homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an average of seven percent more than similar houses with an uninviting exterior. That premium rises even higher by as much as 14 percent in slower real estate markets.

To improve your home’s curb appeal, consider these five steps recommended by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) that will help spiff up the exterior of your home:

1. Remember that less is more

Plantings, garden art and outdoor features should complement—not compete—with the architecture of your home. Tidy up and put away anything that might distract from the overall design of your home.  This includes mismatched patio furniture, empty planters and garden tools. If possible, park vehicles in the garage, not the driveway. Consider a well-designed area for trash and recycling cans that keeps them concealed from the street. Simple and streamlined vs. fussy and cluttered are always better when it comes to achieving maximum appeal.

2. Address deferred maintenance issues

Peeling paint, overgrown bushes and weeds and front porches that need cleaned and refinished.  These low cost fixes may require a bit of elbow grease, but they go a long way towards improving curb appeal. Roofs in particular are essential for maximum resell value.  These should look fresh and in good shape provide signals to potential buyers that the home has been well taken care of. Take stock of the condition of your roof on a regular basis. Easy-to-clean metal roofs that last for decades often just need a gentle squirt of water to remove dirt and grime to keep them looking their best. In contrast, asphalt, clay and shake roofs can be more susceptible to fungus and moss, so a more extensive (and expensive) professional cleaning may be required.

“Most buyers love improvements that will save them time, money and headaches,” said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. “A low maintenance metal roof that will last for decades to come and will stay looking great with minimal effort is a huge selling point and something that never goes out of style.”

3. Pay attention to the details

A spotless front door mat, polished (and working) outdoor light fixtures, fresh mulch and attractive plantings go a long way towards curb appeal. A front door with a new coat of paint in a shade that calls attention to it while complementing a home’s exterior paint color schemes can offer a much-needed focal point and help accentuate a great architectural style.

4. Stick with one style

Accentuate your home’s architectural style rather than mixing a hodgepodge of designs. Keep with the original intent and quality of the architecture whenever possible, but never sacrifice performance or quality when making renovation decisions. For example, a shake roof might look great with a Craftsman home, but rather than wood which is much less durable and resistant to wildfire and climate extreme dangers, you can achieve the same look with a high quality metal roof that will last for many years to come and give potential buyers greater peace of mind.

5. Try before you buy

Whenever possible, take advantage of online tools to see how exterior improvements might look before you make the investment. For example, the MRA’s free metal roof visualizer tool can help you envision how a new roof actually will look on your home before you decide among the endless variety of color options, designs and style options that are available.

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