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Curb Appeal is an Investment That Pays Off

A house with a metal roof and tidy plants and shrubs in front of it in CT, MA, NH, or RI

Great Curb Appeal Pays Off, No Matter What the Real Estate Market When it comes to residential real estate values, curb appeal is a hot topic.  This always gets a lot of attention—and for good reason. Experts agree that making a great first impression is an investment that pays off.  This can especially add value… ( read more )

In With The New: 5 Top Trends For Metal Roofs In 2020

Resiliency, great value and long-lasting performance: Homeowners want it all in 2020 and fortunately, the latest styles and trends for metal roofs are delivering. Just in time for the new year, the biggest metal roofing trends include how best to cope with regional climate extremes, show off styles and colors in new and exciting ways… ( read more )

Metal Roofs That Match 5 Top Home Styles

The luxury blue color house with metal roofing by Classic metal roofing

It’s a fact: Choosing the right metal roof to highlight a home’s architectural style is an investment that pays off. How do you pick a roof style, color and design that will work best for your today’s top home styles? Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal The first tip is to never sacrifice performance for style…. ( read more )