4 Things to Do Before a Roof Replacement

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As a metal roofing contractor, we understand some people contemplating leaving home for a while during the roof replacement process. After all, it will be a noisy and laborious job so you probably thought it would be best if you and your household avoid getting in the way of the workers. However, moving out during the process isn’t really necessary, especially since roof replacement doesn’t take that long. Nevertheless, there are things you should take care of before the process starts.

Before a Roof Replacement Starts…

In this post, Classic Metal Roofs LLC discusses the four important things you should take care of before the roof replacement process even starts.

  1. If you have young children – One of the things you should take care of before a roofing process is to tell your children what’s about to happen. Though metal roofing companies will take great pains to make sure no member of the household will be hurt, it’s still best to set new rules to ensure their safety. Tell them not to play outside.  In the meantime, give them a safe space to play in so they can still have their fun.
  2. Pets – Even the calmest pets can be stressed by the new people and sounds in the home. Roof replacement can be a noisy job.  If you have to leave for the day, consider taking pets with you or keeping them in a quiet place.
  3. Alternate Parking Spot – Roofing replacement can cause debris to fall from the top of your home. This is why most roofing companies recommend you find another place to park your car during the job. Not only may they need your driveway for their equipment trucks, but it’s also so they can avoid any damage to your property. Consider parking in an alternate spot or in the garage.
  4. Secure Valuable Outdoor Deck Furniture – Roof replacements can be a messy job, mostly due to the old roof removal during the process. Roofing companies usually lay down tarps to catch this debris and nails before using a magnet to collect them. However, if you have any valuable outdoor deck furniture, it’s best you move them away from the house for the duration of the process so they won’t be damaged.

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