6 Reasons a Metal Roof Can Increase the Value of Your Home in 2016

When considering new roof options for your home, it is easy to disregard metal as a potential material. For many of us, the words “metal roof” prompt mental images of sheds and barns or agricultural storage buildings. However, the metal roofing industry has come a long way in recent years – and the national demand for metal roofs has risen accordingly. Metal roofing options offer numerous benefits that boost the value of your home, making metal roofs worth a second look.

1. Strength

Among roofing material options, metal is an unequaled way to protect your home from severe elements like rain, wind, and hail. Metal roofs are strong enough to walk on without worry – distinct from most asphalt shingle roofs, which would require extra care to keep from damaging the shingles. Home buyers seeking a sturdy source of protection for their home, especially in climates which see severe storms from time to time, will willingly pay extra for the added durability and protection offered by a metal roof. Installation costs may be higher but a metal roof will need fewer repairs and incur lower maintenance expenses over time than a shingle roof. Those lower expected maintenance expenses add to the home’s value.

2. Lifetime Roof

On account of their inherent strength and durability, and thus longevity, metal roofs can significantly raise the value of your home. If properly maintained, a new metal roof can last the lifetime of your home, which means that you – or a prospective buyer – will not have concerns investing in or dealing with the disruption of installing a new roofing system down the line. Many manufacturers offer warranties from 30 to 50 years, in contrast with the average warranties for asphalt shingle roofs, which typically range between 10 and 20 years depending on the climate in your area. (And collecting on such a warranty requires that the installer still be in business and in good financial shape.)

3. Energy Efficient

Metal roofs are very energy efficient, which is one of the driving factors behind the increasing demand for metal roofs. Many people have the preconception that metal soaks up the sun’s rays, potentially overheating the home. In fact, metal roofs reflect light, and thus heat, in the summer and help to insulate a property during the winter, allowing homeowners with metal roofs to save up to 25 percent on heating and cooling costs. Such savings are attractive to environmentally conscious shoppers in the real estate market, and could increase a home’s resale value.

4. Reduced Homeowners Insurance

Thanks to the superior durability and resistance to damage of metal roofs, many homeowners insurance carriers are willing to reduce the premiums they charge for homes with these types of roofs – some by as much as 35 percent. The savings vary depending on the climate. Areas, for example, that experience frequent severe weather tend to offer better savings than is the case for homes situated in milder climates. Check with your insurance agent to obtain details.

5. Curb Appeal

Generally speaking, the metal roofing industry has moved far beyond using simple sheet metal. With a wide range of finishes, colors, and styles, metal roofs can be crafted to match the existing aesthetic of your home or to mimic the classic look of a shingle or shake roof. While you may not initially think of a metal roof as the most attractive option to increase the value of your home, with the wealth of available options you can design a roof that adds distinction to the exterior of your property.

6. Increased Market Demand

The aforementioned benefits and a range of additional advantages have led to the increased demand for metal roofing. Home buyers have shown that they are willing to pay more for homes with this durable and aesthetic option installed. Adding a metal roof to your home can increase your property’s value by one to six percent overall.

With its superior durability, classic appearance, energy efficiency, and more, metal roofing is certainly worth consideration by anyone roofing their home. Knowing that your investment in a metal roof will be reflected in an increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell reflects and enhances those benefits.

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