Why Consider IB Flat Roof Solutions in CT?

a green house with roofing contractors working on a flat metal roof in CT

Don’t worry about flat roofs. All you need is a system designed to handle a flat roof environment. Classic Metal Roofs, LLC offers IB Roof Systems’ single-layer membrane system. It is the perfect flat roof solution in Connecticut. Find out why:


Roofing membranes need to perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always exposed to the elements, weather changes, and their harmful effects. IB roofing membranes use heat-welded seams. This permanent, watertight bond is actually stronger than the membrane itself. Other roofing systems rely on adhesives, tapes, and caulks to seal the seams. Thus, they are less durable than IB Roof Systems.

Weather Resistance

IB membranes have a thicker top layer. This increases weather resistance and extends the life of the entire system. Inherent strength and heat-welded seams give IB roofs superior wind uplift resistance. Even experienced metal roofers attest that it is the best choice for buildings with very low slope or flat roofs in regions in CT prone to strong winds.

Water Resistance

Water ponds do not affect or compromise the performance of IB membranes. So, IB Roof Systems do not exclude the effects of water ponds from their warranties. IB membranes resist dampness, as well as high and low alkaline conditions. Also, exposure to plant roots, fungi, and bacteria have no negative effect on them.


IB membranes are 100% recyclable and earth-friendly. Also, some of the systems can be installed over existing roofs. This eliminates messy tear-offs, thereby reducing landfill usage and preserving our natural resources. IB Roof Systems is an easy choice for the environment-conscious homeowner in CT. Its membranes are clean and fire retardant. And they can blend with the environment with earth tones and custom colors.

Classic Metal Roofs, LLC Has the Perfect Solution

Need an IB roofing membrane for your home? You can rely on Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, we are a certified roof installer. For over 15 years, we have helped improve homes throughout the Northeast. We know how to make your home beautiful, safe, and ready to face the elements. We service all of Connecticut including Woodstock, Sterling, Weston, Enfield, Unionville, Redding, Middletown, Broad Brook, Preston, Mystic, Lyme, Clinton, Storrs and just about every other city and town in CT. Contact us at (866) 303-2002.

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