Metal Roofing Contractors: How to Select One

Evaluating metal roofing contractors and selecting one should involve extensive comparative research between the top contractors in the industry in your location. The many factors involved in comparing metal roofing contractors include, but are not limited to: cost, experience, reputation, and flexibility.

Red Flags to Avoid

Because a metal roof is such a large investment for you and your home, simply signing a contract with the first contractor you meet with is the worst possible route. Beware of sales representatives who urge you to sign one during the meeting. Being pressured to sign a contract during your first meeting is not a reasonable way to be treated. These representatives care about you signing a contract, not you. If you fall into this trap, keep in mind that you will generally have three days to cancel it. After meeting with a few contractors, do not base your decision on the lowest price – that is often a major mistake. Many homeowners have found that paying just a small amount more is definitely worth the investment for a metal roof.

Metal roofing contractors with the most qualifications, highest level of experience, and largest number of glowing references are much more likely to give you a much better product worth your money. You will ultimately not spend much more long-term, and will very likely save money – by preventing any problems that come with choosing a less experienced or reputable contractor. As in most walks of life, “You get what you pay for.”


Other factors such as the shape and pitch of your roof, will have a significant impact on the price for a metal roof, as well as the style you decide to go with. A standing seam roof could quite possibly be a bit more than the various styles of metal shingles; but keep in mind, there will usually not be much of a discrepancy in price from the metal shingles. That said, the contractor who is willing to do the work should have many options that meet your criteria.


Doing business with a contractor who specializes in metal roofing in particular is vital. Do the background research. Be sure any metal roofing contractors you consider have all of the licensing and proper certifications for the type of material they are installing. Verify the legitimacy of the business; don’t be afraid to ask for their tax identification, verification of their worker’s compensation, and liability coverage. Confirm that their insurance covers the entirety of the workers on your property. The importance in such situation is that, in case any of the workers get injured on your property, you want to be sure that you are protected from any potential lawsuits. Be sure to understand the logistics, the number of workers, and the time frame and length of time that workers will be on the property.

Lastly, be sure the company has a viable warranty so there is an understanding of any actions you as the homeowner could perform that could potentially void the warranty.


How reliable is this contractor? Be sure to understand their reputation. Check out their listings on: BBB (Better Business Bureau), Angie’s List, GuildQuality, and Yelp – these are all fairly common websites for metal roofing contractors. Be wary if the contractor has no presence on any of these platforms. Read through these reviews and ensure that this company is legitimate and truly specializes in this field. Double check on their office locations, coverage, and phone numbers. Verify that the company has a list of referrals, references, and drive-bys. An experienced metal roofing contractor in this industry should have a list of at least two dozen references that you can personally call for a referral. Utilize the “drive-by list” provided by the contractor and check out previous installations they have done of the products you are most interested in.


Putting a metal roof on a home can be a great way to prevent problems, increase energy efficiency, and increase the resale value of the home. Always be sure to select a metal roofing contractor with a great reputation that has demonstrated that they do a solid job, and who is willing to stand behind their work.

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