What Is The Difference between Quality & Inexpensive Metal Roofing Products?

Although inexpensive metal roofing is ok for some projects, if you’re roofing your home, we don’t recommend it. You want quality metal roofing installed on your home by an experienced metal roofing contractor. There’s a big difference in quality and inexpensiveness and we’ll help you understand why investing a little time investigating is worth it in the long run.


There are many companies manufacturing metal roofing products. However, not all are made the same way. One of the biggest differences is in the coating or paint for color. inexpensive metal roofing products are easy to identify after just a few years because they either fade unevenly or turn chalky. The last thing you want is to need to paint your metal roofing because it no longer looks good.


We’ll admit that a faded roof will still perform, however, if you choose corrugated steel, the inexpensive metal roofing material, it won’t last. It will rust. Although a standing seam or shingle aluminum roof is approximately twice as much as a corrugated steel roof for materials, the installation is about the same. You don’t want to need to install a new roof again just because you choose an inexpensive metal roofing product.


A manufacturer stands behind their product, no matter what it is, for as long as they expect it to last. That means when you purchase a quality metal roof from a manufacturer who believes in their product, it comes with a substantial warranty. Some standing seam and shingle style metal roofing manufacturers warranty their products for as long as you own the home with transferable warranties. Inexpensive metal roofing products may only have a very limited warranty.

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