Water leaked into our home as the ice dams melted.

Dear Classic Metal Roofs:

My husband and I purchased our first home in 2004. The shingle roof on the house was replaced in the spring of 2005. Although it was structurally sound, we had an ongoing problem. The heating/central air unit, which creates its own heat, is located in the attic. This heat would rise and melt the snow on the top of the house. As the snow dripped down the roof it would re-freeze and form multiple ice dams. My husband faithfully raked the snow off the roof with each new snow storm. Unfortunately, when the temperature when above 32 degrees, water leaked into our home as the ice dams melted.

We looked to friends, family and professionals for a solution. I also did some research online. A metal roof seemed to be our best option. There were several metal roofing companies available online. I was most impressed with Classic Metal Roofs, LLC. Their website is clear, informative, and easy to follow. I sent an e-mail with our situation. I promptly received an e-mail response followed by a phone call to schedule a free consult appointment in my home. Michael Gonet brought many photos of their work and samples of the roofing material. After a brief, very informative presentation, he answered all our questions in detail. We were also provided with a few addresses in our area of clients who purchases metal roofs through Classic Metal Roofs, LLC. I drove by them and was impressed with the quality and appearance of their homes. I also spoke with a customer who had similar heating system issues. We were sold.

Our roof was started and completed as per the contract. All the workers were personable, competent, and professional. I have not a single complaint. It is reassuring to know they stand behind their work. My home looks fabulous and will last a lifetime. I am very satisfied with our entire experience with Classic Metal Roofs, LLC.

Thank you,
Catherine S. (Bedford, NH)

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