What did they tell you about the warranty?

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Have you ever had a salesman in your home that said “this is the price today, it’s only good right now.” How about, “let me call my manager to see if there is anything we can do about the price“.

Well these type of salespeople know something you don’t.

Once they leave, without a sale, it’s very unlikely you will buy anything from them. Why? They don’t want you to do a deep dive into their company and especially the warranty that they offer.

We recently saw a warranty that offered a 165 MPH wind warranty. There are a couple of issues with that claim:

#1 There is no test data to prove that their metal shingle with one nail can withstand winds to 165 mph.

#2 Structural damage actually takes place in a conventionally built house at 160 mph. You can read here about how much wind a house can withstand.

They also make claims about color fade. Once again there is absolutely no test data to back that up. if you check with the company that manufactures the coatings, and they are really great coatings, the warranty is stated on their site. The coating, which is “state of the art,” is Kynar®. Check it out and know that our Classic Metal Roofs use this gold standard coating.

When a warranty is written or created to just be the “best in the industry,” without any test data to back it up, it’s just a piece of worthless paper. It’s just another sales tool.

Do a deep dive into the company. Make a solid investment in your home with a high-quality aluminum metal roofing system that lasts a lifetime. Call for a free “no pressure” roof design consultation today. We’re NOT high pressure; we don’t need to be.

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