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Smart Home Improvement Decisions

Classic Metal Roofs Metal Roof Planning Guide cover

Best ROI Home Renovations Recession fears often cause homeowners to think twice about home renovation projects and prioritize those that offer the best return on their investment. To weather economic uncertainty, making smart home improvement decisions is a lesson that lingers for homeowners who lived through the 2008 housing bubble. That’s why, no matter what… ( read more )

Unforeseen Roof Decking Conditions for Metal Roofs

Resheath of a roof deck

The roof deck is that part of the roof which provides the structural support for the installation of the roofing underlayments and the visible finished roofing material. The structural parts of the roof are also known as the roofing substrate. Builders refer to the substrate below the finished roofing material as sheathing, plywood, or decking…. ( read more )