Roof Inspections


Before proceeding with a roof installation, the existing roof must be inspected closely. A thorough and knowledgeable inspection can help to avoid future problems.


During the inspection, the current roof is examined for signs of severe deterioration or other problems. Typical problem areas such as valleys should have extra attention paid to them. If necessary, and to avoid having to get on the roof, binoculars can be used. Take photographs of any suspect areas. Make sure that the property owner is aware in advance of any observed problems which might require carpentry work once the installation is started.  It is important for contractors to also do an interior inspection, both of the attic and the ceilings. Any evidence in the attic or on ceilings of existing leaks should be documented with photographs and confirmed with the property owners. Any areas where the roof decking may be weakened should have further investigation including possibly fastener pull-out resistance tests and core samples.