Metal Roof Coatings Explained

A red metal roof with four upper-level windows in CT, MA, NH, or RI

Metal roofs are one of the newest residential installments. They have a proven track record in energy saving, impact resistance, and style, throughout their long history of use in commercial and agricultural applications. However, they need the right coatings to work effectively. As a metal roofing contractor, we explain why we love these metal roof coatings–as should you.


Roof coatings are applied to the metal coil before it is even formed into the metal roof style. It requires three main components to work:

  • Pigment – the coloring, which literally paints your roof and changes its appearance
  • Solvent – the liquid form, applied and dried onto the material, provides a strong resistance to the elements.
  • Resin – the glue, binding the pigment and solvent together to form the finished product.


Generally, all coatings applied to metal roofing are waterproof. This is because the roof material will rust when the roofs are made of steel, galvalume or galvanized steel materials. This rusting occurs when the roofing materials are cut. This leaves an open unsealed edge that will wick in moisture, which is when the rusting begins. Not so when rust free aluminum is the base metal. That’s why we only recommend aluminum roofs for residential applications. However, each coating type offers a different advantage. The various options are:

  1. Acrylic – water-based solutions applied with two separate coats on each roof. Acrylic coats are considered the most affordable but are also the easiest to fade. (most agricultural metal roofs)
  2. Polyester – higher-quality, single coat solutions with better endurance. It can last longer than acrylic, but can still fade faster than expected. (agricultural metal roofing, for example)
  3. PVDF – the best in the market, and is made of polyvinylidene fluoride. They last the longest, up to 30 years before fading occurs. (residential metal architectural roofs)

Their Advantages

Coatings are applied carefully, and they are ready to go even before your roof is installed. Thanks to these coats, you can choose how you want your roof to look. Recent developments have also made them more durable and useful. For example, many metal roofing factories have included reflective coats that help reduce heat transfer, which will clearly be indicated as energy star rated.

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