4 Factors Affecting Metal Roof Cost


 Metal roof cost is influenced by several factors. Your understanding of these factors can help you decide whether to get an “entry-level” or an “investment grade” residential metal roofing system. Today, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, your local metal roof company, discusses four of them below.

  1. Type of Metal Steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc are among the most well-known metal roofing materials available in the market today. Steel, along with its various galvanic coatings, is the least expensive. It’s not recommended for architectural residential installations because it will rust. Aluminum is the number one choice for base metal on residential projects. It has all of the benefits of the richer metals, copper and zinc, with the added benefits of being able to accept high quality coating and high reflective qualities.  Unpainted copper and zinc roofs are known for their natural beauty but are also expensive and their use is typically for smaller accent roofs like bay windows or entrances.
  2. Metal Roof Coatings Coatings also determine if a steel or aluminum roofing system is an “entry-level” or an “investment grade” type. Clear-coated steel roofs offer that natural steel look, but the finish tends to wear away after a few years of elemental exposure. High-end metal roof types, meanwhile, have the PVDF finish, known in the industry as the Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000. These are the “state of the art “ coating that one should be looking for in a lifetime aluminum architectural residential metal roof.
  3. Metal Roof Styles There are two basic styles of residential metal roofs—modular panel and vertical seam. Between the two, they vary in terms of fasteners, clips and flange and interlocking panels. Exposed fastener “agricultural” panels and architectural standing seams are two of the common types of vertical seam panels. Modular panels come in various configurations, including shingle, shake, slate, and tile. Also, not all products are the same thickness. Buyer beware. Some aluminum panels are thicker than others. The thicker the panel the more protection and the longer it will last. All are great choices for the homeowner; style is subjective, as is color. But rest assured there are a color and style that will fit the bill!
  4. Complexity of the Roof The construction style of the house will play a big factor in determining the cost of your new lifetime metal roof. If the roof is a simple ranch colonial or cape that’s just 2 planes, a front and back roof, then it would be less than if the roof had dormers with hips and valleys. The height of the roof, along with the steepness, or pitch of the roof, will also play a roll in the cost of the metal roof installation.

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