Classic Metal Roofs, LLC Announces Popularity of Latest “Slate Rock” Aluminum Metal Shingles

Architects, designers and homeowners throughout southern New England are turning to aluminum metal roofs as the superior alternative to traditional asphalt shingles.

This year Classic Metal Roofs, LLC is experiencing increased interest in aluminum metal roofing for new residential construction. The company announced that their newly-released metal roofing material, “slate rock” aluminum metal shingles, has grown in popularity over the summer. The shingles feature the form factor of traditional asphalt shingles, with the appearance and durability of metal roofing.

With summer traditionally being the busiest season for roofing companies, the management team at Classic Metal Roofs believes metal roofing has made its way into the new home construction market in New England and is now becoming the popular choice for homeowners. The “slate rock” shingle option is now the number one seller in New England for the company.

For the average homeowner, many roofing companies find that the roof is typically the last home repair project that they want to spend money on. With the creation of new materials, like the “slate rock” aluminum metal shingles, the experts at Classic Metal Roofs believe that trend is changing.

“Homeowners are seeking a permanent, maintenance-free building envelope,” explained Mike Gonet, senior partner of Classic Metal Roofs. “Metal roofing gives them that, while also being the environmentally-conscious roofing option. Aluminum metal roofing is made up of a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material and is energy star rated. If given the choice, most homeowners will choose a product that is more compatible with the environment.”

Classic Metal Roofs’s latest project features the installation of “slate rock” metal shingle roofing in Hopkinton, MA. The new “Slate Rock” Oxford aluminum shingle is sourced from Classic Metal Roofing Systems located in Piqua, Ohio. Unique to this project, the house has a large, handmade French mansard-style bay window that that team field fabricated in copper. The second story flat deck roof was finished with PVC roofing manufactured by IB Roof Systems of Eugene, Oregon. All of the roofs installed are considered lifetime residential roofs that the homeowner will never have to replace.

About Classic Metal Roofs, LLC: Classic Metal Roofs, LLC is one of the premier installers of metal roofing in New England. They specialize in the installation of lifetime residential metal roofing systems for people who want Energy Star rated, environmental, sustainable, or long term solutions for their roofing needs. They believe their metal roofs are “The Best Roofs under the Sun” and are in business to provide their customers with a worry-free roofing future. Their service area includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. Classic Metal Roofs, LLC works with contractors, architects, and homeowners.

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