Skylights for Metal Roofs

Skylights and Metal Roofs in MA, CT, NH and RI

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home. Because of their popularity, the longevity and durability of skylights have improved vastly over the years. As the quality of skylights for metal roofs has improved, the number of domestic manufacturers of off-the-shelf skylights has dwindled to basically one. That company is Velux. We mainly work with Velux to provide our customers in CT, MA, RI, and NH, with the skylights for metal roofing that they desire.

What To Know About Skylights

Skylights can be either fixed or operable. A fixed skylight doesn’t open, while an operable skylight does open. No matter their design, they have come a long way. There are solar-powered operable options, motorized blinds, and a variety of styles and colors. While the design of skylights has changed drastically, the installation method has stayed the same. There are two installation methods: decked-mounted skylights and curb-mounted skylights.

When to Replace Skylights In Metal Roofs

Our team at Classic Metal Roofs suggests that skylights be replaced if they are 12 years or older. We recommend replacing these at the time of a metal roof installation, as this provides a natural time to address the skylights on the roof. When this is the case, we handle the skylight installation much like replacing a skylight. The difference is that our metal roofers forgo the optional temporary asphalt roof flashing kit that comes as an extra with the skylight and use our permanent metal roofing flashing techniques that come with installation warranties.

Benefits of Skylights for Metal Roofs

Skylights for metal roofs have many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Adding architectural interest to your home, which increases curb appeal and value.
  • More sunlight helps prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and increases Vitamin D intake.
  • Correctly planned and installed skylights can save you money on energy by helping to control your home’s temperature.
  • Skylight placement can provide many options for natural lighting. Eastern/western facing skylights let in light as the sun rises or sets, northern facing skylights provide cooler, diffused lighting, and southern facing skylights provide lots of natural light.

Best Base Metals for Skylight Installation

At Classic Metal Roofs, we prefer only to use base metals such as copper, aluminum, and zinc, which provide our customers with permanent lifetime metal roofs. They protect long-term durability. These metals also protect against rust around crucial flashing locations such as skylights. This is why we have chosen not to install galvanized or Galvalume roofs. These base metal materials will eventually rust and rust more quickly at vulnerable locations such as cut or manipulated areas. Skylights in a steel roof will lead to quick deterioration because water can gather and pool in a skylight.

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