Hidden Benefits of Installing a Metal Roofing System

Two different types of metal roofs

When it comes to enhancing the value of the home and providing protection against the elements, no other roofing material does both better than an aluminum metal roof. The benefits aren’t necessarily as noticeable or as obvious as the curb appeal an aluminum roof brings to the home.

Today, we discuss these hidden benefits of an aluminum metal roofing installation.

  1. All-Season durability you can TRUST.

Aluminum metal roofs work great year-round. During the winter months, the material’s design allows snow and sleet to shed off the roof, which means the roof doesn’t hold the snowfall for very long before it comes off the roof. This is the case with both standing seam and metal shingle styles.

When a metal roof is properly installed by professionals, the heavy wind-driven rains of spring won’t have any effect on the roof. Leaking during those types of storms will be a thing of the past, the asphalt shingle past.

The heat of summer can have a dramatic effect on roofs, especially asphalt roofs. They hold the heat and cause the interior temperature to rise significantly. The advantage of an aluminum roof, shingle or standing seam is the reflective quality of the metal and the coatings. Our roofs are energy star rated and will keep your home cooler all summer long.

Autumn is hurricane season. Nothing will protect your home and its valuable contents better than a properly installed hurricane rated aluminum metal roof. With the highest wind rating in the roofing industry, why trust an asphalt roof to get the job done? Aren’t your home and possessions worth safeguarding?

  1. The best investment you can make in your home

Apart from the wide variety of styles, and colors, today’s aluminum metal roofing systems promise to be the best investment you can make in your home. Metal shingle roofs or Standing seam metal roofs will add real value to your home. Aside from the obvious curb appeal of these beautiful roofs, the return on investment when selling is truly amazing.  The roofs at Classic Metal Roofs, LLC are installed to last 100 years. Did you know that the average life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof here in New England is 15-17 years? The cost of an asphalt roof historically doubles every 18-20 years. Do the math. What’s the real cost of asphalt roofing! With proper installation and almost zero maintenance, aluminum roofing material can stay functional and stylish for decades. These roofs typically return between 85-90% of their cost when selling your home. It’s the right choice.

As one of the leading metal roofing contractors in New England, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC has the experience to handle all your metal roofing needs, including repair and replacement. Expect our factory-trained roofing crews to ensure flawless workmanship so you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal and these hidden benefits of your aluminum metal roof.

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