How Is Today’s Roofing Different from Years Ago?

For as long as there have been dwellings, there have been roofs. However, the evolution of roofing didn’t end when tile roofing was invented. In fact, although tile is still a common and popular roofing material in parts of the world, it’s not ideal in MA, RI, CT, and NH. Throughout these  states, homes typically have one of three types of roofing:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate
  • Metal

Over the past decades, only slate roofing remains largely unchanged. Both asphalt and metal roofing have evolved into better roofing materials. 

The Evolution of Metal Roofing

Close your eyes and picture a structure with a metal roof. I’m going to guess you either pictured an old barn with a rusty roof or a large commercial building with a bright silver metal roof. Although both those images are accurate, even today, they’re not the only images you should picture. More homeowners in New England are choosing metal roofing because they look better, have more options and last longer than ever before. This is largely in part due to changes in manufacturing as well as advancements in pigment technology.

What You Can Expect if You Choose Metal for Your New Roof

Assuming you work with an experienced metal roofing company, you can expect that you’ll receive a roof that not only looks great, but also does a better job of protecting your home than asphalt shingles. It’s not only stronger against wind and hail, but also, it’s more fire resistant than other roofing materials. Be sure to let your homeowner’s insurance company know you have metal roofing and they may lower your rates. 

Speaking of lower, you’ll likely find that your energy bills are lower, too. Not only does metal roofing do a great job of keeping the weather out, it also reduces heat transference. It’s possible to find that your energy savings related to heating and cooling your home is as much as 20% which is quite a lot during our cold winters! Perhaps most surprisingly, you’ll find that metal roofing comes in many styles and colors so your home’s curb appeal will go up.

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