Metal Roofing: Installation Best Practices

Standing seam metal roofs and metal shingle roofs are two of the best roofing options to go for if you want durability and energy efficiency. However, some homeowners aren’t really aware of what it means to install one. In fact, creating weathertight seams that connect the panels together and ensure the structural integrity of the roof is often ignored by installers due to the lack of proper training. Missing this, or any installation best practices, unfortunately, can lead to poor metal roof installation.

In this post, Classic Metal Roofs LLC, one of New England’s leading installers of standing seam and metal shingle roofs, reveals the best practices that result in good metal roof installation.


Your roofer should always make sure that the equipment they are using is made for the specific roof panel system that is being installed to your home or building. Fortunately, manufacturers routinely rent out the required equipment to ensure that the metal panels are properly installed and not compromised by generic equipment. This ensures that your metal roof is properly seamed and installed, and the structural integrity of the roof isn’t compromised.


Just like the equipment, you need to make sure that your metal roofing contractors are properly trained for the job you need them to do. This is all due to the critical nature of installing a metal roof. When hiring professionals, only hire those who have adequate experience for the job. Thankfully, there are some roofing manufacturers that offer installation training for roofers to take advantage of, although very few do.

Hand Crimper

Once your metal panels are in place, metal clips that are spaced according to engineering and construction needs will be used to secure them. Next, hand benders and seamers are frequently used in the installation process. When it’s time for this step, make sure your roofer doesn’t overlook this, as improper hand-tooling is often the number one cause of faulty metal roof installation that leads to leaking.

Electric Metal Roof installation Tools

With the right equipment, personnel, hand crimpers, and electrical source in place, it’s now time to start the miter cuts and seaming process for your roof. To be on the safe side, your roofer should be very familiar with all of these specialized tools required for the installation. If you are having your metal roof seamed for a low-slope, your roofer will be walking alongside the seamer to ensure nothing blocks its path and the seaming is done properly.

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