Metal Shingle Roof, The Right Choice!

The close up image of Metal Shingle Roof in Rhode Island

Thinking about a Metal Shingle Roof?

There are two common characteristics amongst homeowners who choose quality metal roofs for their homes:

  1. They no longer love their roof. They have grown weary of the short lives and ordinary looks of asphalt shingles.  Furthermore, they do not like that the granules wear away off of their biggest investment – their roof. These homeowners do not like to see mildew and mold attack their roof after just a couple of years, making it look old and unattractive.
  2. They intend to remain in their homes for at least 10 years and, especially knowing that labor costs increase each year, they do not want to ever replace their roof again, nor do they want their old roof to be a bargaining chip when they go to sell their home.

Oxford Shingle System Benefits

Oxford Shingle is a specialized metal roof system that many homeowners are choosing in place of asphalt shingles.  Here are some of the benefits of this roof system that drive their decisions.

  • Oxford Shingle is an all-aluminum roofing system that will never rust and has an incredibly long life even in harsh weather climates.
  • The aluminum is .024” thick – nearly 25% thicker than the aluminum used in many competing aluminum shingles.
  • Aluminum is made, coated, and fabricated entirely in the USA.
  • Shingles made with aluminum contain a minimum of 95% recycled content. This offers homeowners a great way to close the recycling loop with a major component of their home.
  • The PVDF coating, provided by Sherwin Williams, is recognized by architects and engineers as the leading finish available today for exterior building materials.
  • The large 12” x 60” Oxford Shingle panels help to speed installation while offering a more secure installation with fewer interlocks.
  • Oxford Shingle panels are clip-fastened to the roof.  This allows for the metal’s thermal movement without putting it in a bind or creating a system that may loosen in the weather cycles.
  • Oxford Shingle has the crisp, clean look of modern slate, giving any home a high-end appeal.
  • The Lifetime Limited Warranty is fully transferable.
  • The unique Slate Rock color series offers great variety for a “high-def” natural slate look.
  • The integral thermal break between the metal and your roof deck reduces your energy costs.  It blocks the conductive heat transfer from the roof surface into your attic.

My recommendation to any homeowner who is anticipating a new roof is to establish your “must-have” criteria. Then, look for a product that fits those needs.  Oxford Shingle often comes out on top (no pun intended) in that analysis.

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