What you don’t know about metal roofing will definitely hurt you.


What you don’t know can definitely hurt you when it comes to metal roofing.  Metal roofs are fast becoming a popular choice of homeowners here in MA, RI, CT, and NH. No doubt about it. In 1999, the residential market for metal was about 3% of roofs installed. Today that number is around 16%. That represents the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing industry.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

It all makes perfect sense, especially here in New England. Metal roofs eliminate most of the ice dam issues associated with winter weather. They keep a house much cooler in the summer. They eliminate the problem of moss, algae, and black streaks on the roof, typically attributed to asphalt shingles. They protect a home in fire-prone and high wind areas and they add a wicked amount of curb appeal to just about any style house. What’s there not to like about all that?

Base Metal for Roofs

So, what is it that you don’t know that’s going to hurt you? That’s the question. Here is at least part of the answer. First and foremost, all metals are not the same. When someone is considering a metal roof, one needs to ask, “What metal will my metal roof be manufactured from and does it make a difference?”

Metal Roofing Contractor Choice

“Should I hire my local roofing company to install my new metal roof?” That’s another great question.  The roofing contractor has been installing roofs for 25 years, why shouldn’t I trust them to install my new metal roof? After all, they install asphalt shingles, how much different could it be to install a metal shingle? Well, you don’t know what you don’t know. Metal roof installations require time, skill and precision. Your asphalt roofing contractor has probably installed most of those projects in a day or two; it’s a fast installation. They say, “Oh sure, we can do metal roofs. We have been roofing for 25 years; we do it all. In fact, last year we installed a metal roof”……really?

If you’re considering a metal roof for your home, you’ll want the answers to these, and maybe a few more, questions. To get some insight into what metal roof you should be considering and who should install it, click on the button below, so you definitely don’t get hurt.

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