Roofing Layout Tape


Many metal shake, shingle, and tile facsimile roofs have high profiles and strong horizontal lines which must be kept parallel between the eave and ridge in order to achieve an attractive appearance. Additionally, valley and dormer situations can create further difficulties in keeping the roofing courses matched throughout the installation.


Structures settle and roofs can be twisted out-of-square over time. Movement and out-of square situations can also be created by additions to the structure.. If dormers or valley situations exist, or if the rafters have warped and created dips in the substrate, extra planning is necessary to achieve an attractive installation. Other bad situations can be created by chimneys and skylights as well as the position of pitch changes. While roofing installers are at the mercy of the structure, careful measuring and planning can deal with any of these difficult problems.


Classic Products and Perfection, along with THOR (The Helper of Roofs), have designed roofing layout tapes which can assist with measuring and chalking lines. The tapes are easy to use by aligning them to the starter or drip edge and extending them up the roof. The tapes work for our Rustic Shingle, Country Manor Shake, TimberCreek Shake, and Oxford Shingle product lines. The tapes are nailed to the roof once they are properly set square to the starter strip. They have marks that allow the installer to use the right triangle method of three foot horizontal, four foot vertical and five foot diagonal to maintain squareness. Tapes are placed on each end of a roof section and alongside obstructions such as dormers, skylights, and chimneys. By using the marks on the tape that identify the product being installed, chalk lines are easily run between the tapes to properly lay out the roof.

Additionally, the panel coverage to start each course is marked on the tape to assist with keeping the proper stagger pattern. The tapes are 23 foot in length, have wire handles to stretch and pull tight, and are made of a paper that will not shrink or stretch. For roofs that have hips or valleys, the tapes can be cut and moved over to progress up a roof and ensure straight courses. The other advantage is if a roof section is not complete in a day’s time and rain or dew washes off the chalk lines, the tapes are still in position to allow the chalk lines to be reset. The tapes can also be used with our ClickLock Standing Seam to ensure square and proper coverage. The tapes do not show after installation because the installed product covers them. Detailed instructions on using the tapes are available.