Author: Charles McGowan

Making a Statement with Zinc Roofing

If the goal is to have your home or buildings make an architectural impact, then moving beyond ordinary roofing materials and practices is a must. In areas where traditional asphalt shingles dominate the roofing market, switching to a metal roof can often make a statement. To take metal roofing to the next level, zinc roofing… ( read more )

Why Choose a Zinc Roof?

Zic metal roofs offer options for creativity and distince design elements for homeowners in Stow, MA

Although relatively new to the North American market, zinc has been used as a building material in Europe for more than 300 years. In fact, many of the European zinc roofs installed in the 19th Century are still in service today. While longevity and low-to-no maintenance contribute to zinc’s appeal, today’s homeowners are also choosing… ( read more )