The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofs

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Metal roofing systems have a long-standing reputation for strength and durability. With modern enhancements, some manufacturers are now able to produce metal roofing to resemble the look of slate, shakes, and tile. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about metal roofing. Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, your premier metal roof contractor, gives you the facts about them.

Will Rain Sound Louder on a Metal Roof?
The deep-textured folds of our metal roofs actually quiet the rain that hits them. They break up the “pinging” effect that occurs when water hits the bottom of a metal bucket. This metal formation cuts any “metallic” sound from rain hitting the metal roof. Experienced metal roofers can attest that they are actually very quiet and rain noise is not a cause for objections or concerns. They are typically equal in sound transmission to asphalt roofs and even slate roofs.

Can We Walk on a Metal Roof?
Our sturdy aluminum roofs do not lose their strength over time. Their manufacturing method and textures give our roofs even greater strength. They can handle occasional foot traffic with minimal care. Walking on other roofing materials is likely to cause damage and roof leaks. Metal roofing, though, does not become brittle, like asphalt roofs, and lose impact resistance. It would be almost impossible to ever cause leaks by walking on the metal panels.

How Does the Cost of a Metal Roof Compare to Other Roofing Materials?

Initially, they don’t compare; but over the long haul, an aluminum metal roof, when properly installed, will cost far less to own over the life of the roof versus an asphalt roof.

Occasionally, a homeowner can save additional money by doing a layover of the existing asphalt roof.

This is not always advisable and has to be determined by an onsite inspection. Code here in MA, CT and RI allows us to install over one layer of asphalt. When it can be done, there is a significant savings. You not only save in the removal, but the disposal as well.

Our roof will definitely cost you more money upfront, but it’s considered by many home improvement experts to be one of the best ROI home improvements a homeowner can make.

Investing in our lifetime aluminum metal roofs gives you unmatched protection, durability, and long-term value, along with an unmatched non-prorated fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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