Metal Roof Myths and Reality, Plus Oil Canning

Metal Roof Myths and Reality Plus Oil Cannin

Many homeowners try to find the best material, based on looks, resistance, lifespan, and practicality. That can make it hard to get one that fits your needs. As a metal roofing contractor, we deal with metal roofing installations daily. However, some people are uncertain about our roofs, due to some myths they might have heard. The clincher? They’re probably tall tales.

They conduct too much

Many people worry that metal roofs can get too hot or cold, depending on the season. Your insulation is responsible for how you’ll feel within your home. Aluminum metal roofs can, in fact, reflect sunlight. These aluminum roofs are the epitome of energy efficiency.

They are dull in style

Homeowners might accuse an aluminum roof of being agricultural looking, like a barn or something. It may be difficult to imagine our roofs on a Victorian colonial or traditional looking residence. However, metal roofs now come with different style options. You can choose different colors, finishes, and even styles to fit your tastes. From shingle styles of slate, shake, diamond, and even Spanish barrel tile to various standing seam styles, there is a style for virtually every taste.

They are expensive

It’s important that a roof is affordable, both upon installation and in the long-term. However, people balk at a metal roof because it costs more to install than a traditional asphalt roof. The reality is that it does cost more upfront. However, asphalt needs to be regularly maintained and replaced within an average of every 15 years. You get no such expenses or headaches with a metal roof. The long-term cost ends up far less.

They attract lightning

A big fear that homeowners have is being electrocuted because their metal roof got struck by lightning. However, this is baseless and impractical. Lightning aims for the highest point, so it’s unlikely that your roof will be a target. Even if it is struck, metal roofs are non-combustible and, therefore, won’t catch on fire and disperse the strike much better than other roofing materials.

Oil Canning

Oil canning is associated with standing seam metal roofs only. It is the rippling effect of the metal due to several factors. One factor is the manufacturing process. When metal is not produced up to certain standards, oil canning is far more prevalent. Be sure the factory that the aluminum is coming from is reputable. A second and even more important issue is the installation. There are installation methods that mitigate oil canning. The installation should be done by professional metal mechanics, installers that do this every day. The picture in this post was done by less than a professional mechanic. You can see the rippling effect of the panels. They are not flat and crisp as they should be. Not all standing seam roofs oil cane if they are installed properly and the base metal is a quality product.

With these different myths debunked, you can see that metal is one of the best roofs a homeowner can invest in. At Classic Metal Roofs we provide metal roofing for residences in MA, CT, RI, NH, Coastal ME and Westchester County NY. Call us today at (866) 660-6668 or use our Free Consultation form if you are interested in “The Best Roof Under The Sun.”

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