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Metal Roof Myths and Reality, Plus Oil Canning

Metal Roof Myths and Reality Plus Oil Cannin

Many homeowners try to find the best material, based on looks, resistance, lifespan, and practicality. That can make it hard to get one that fits your needs. As a metal roofing contractor, we deal with metal roofing installations daily. However, some people are uncertain about our roofs, due to some myths they might have heard…. ( read more )

Not Your Grandfather’s Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Company Classic Metal Roofer can upgrade your oil canning roof in MA, CT, NH & RI

No roofing product in the world is perfect, no matter how costly or how well it’s cared for. But the aluminum metal roofs of today are a far cry from the old days and, in fact, pretty close to a perfect solution to your roofing needs, no matter what your budget. However, chances are you… ( read more )