FAQs About Ridge Vents on Metal Roofs in MA

Ridge Vents on metal roof

A metal roof is intrinsically durable and energy-efficient, but it needs proper ventilation to live up to its expectations. If the existing roof is properly vented, then a ridge vent is in order. The roof will need to be evaluated to determine what venting is needed, if at all. To understand why proper vents are requisite in metal roof installation projects, Classic Metal Roofs, MA answers the most asked questions about them:

What Do They Do?

The role of ridge vents is to breathe excessive indoor moisture and heat out of your home. They can’t do their sole job, however, without eave or soffit vents, which breathe in drafts to circulate the air in the attic. A healthy interplay between intake and exhaust vents is essential to keep the underside of your roof cool and dry at all times. It also pulls the moisture from inside the house and allows it to escape.

What Are the Dangers of Not Having Them?

Any reliable metal roof contractor would say that having no ridge vents is a disaster waiting to happen. With nowhere to go, the moisture would form condensation upon meeting colder surfaces, like the roof decking. In turn, it would rot the sub-structure of the roof assembly. It would become a breeding ground for mold. This is only true in cold roof systems where venting is needed.

Moreover, inadequate attic ventilation would increase the chances of the formation of ice dams. Ice damming happens when the surface of the roof is warm enough to melt the snow. As it thaws, the water would refreeze upon reaching the edge because it’s colder. This cycle gives rise to the creation of ridges of ice and icicles hanging along the gutters. In addition to being scary outdoor hazards, ice dams put unnecessary stress on the roof. If your roof fails due to improper ventilation, you could lose the factory warranty.

What Is Necessary to Ensure Proper Ridge Venting?

Copper, zinc, and aluminum roofing systems in MA require ridge venting in cold roof systems to function properly and stand the test of time. That said, merely installing ridge vents doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. While too little ventilation is detrimental to your roof’s health, too much of it can be as bad, if not worse.

Furthermore, flawless installation is paramount. Any workmanship error could lead to water intrusion, increasing the possibility of interior damage.

At Classic Metal Roofs, we put a premium on proper ridge venting. Regardless of your roof’s design, we can figure out the best way to ventilate or not ventilate your roof. Call us at (866) 660-6668 now to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your roofing needs and to get a free estimate. Our MA office is in Stow. We are a regional company with 4 offices in southern New England. We cover Webster, Douglas, Oxford, Worcester, Sturbridge, Auburn, Grafton, Upton, Sutton, Mendon, Dudley, Charlton and other communities in the vicinity.

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