The 3 Most Common Dangers of an Improperly installed Metal Roof in NH

proper installation of a metal roof near a beach

Although metal roofs are lauded as among the most durable, energy-efficient, and longest-lasting roofs, these won’t matter when the roof itself is improperly installed. Metal roof installations in NH are best done by professionals to ensure that you maximize all the benefits of your new roofing investment.

In this post, our roofing experts at Classic Metal Roofs share some of the dangers you’ll encounter when your metal roof is not properly installed.

Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is what allows the roof to “breathe” and is what keeps the entire structure from going brittle during winter and accumulating moisture during summer. Unfortunately, this is one thing that many companies don’t address. Whether you are considering a metal shingle or standing seam metal roof, this is a topic that needs to be discussed.

A poorly installed metal roof, or one that is installed over horizontal purlins placed on top of an existing roof, will have equally poor ventilation, which, in turn, will easily get damaged by the elements and make your home’s heating and air conditioning less efficient. Let aluminum roofing experts guide you on how to ensure that you have proper ventilation or a hot roof system that will prevent structural damage to your home in NH.

Poorly Installed or No Snow Retention

An improperly installed or lack of a snow retention system is an issue that comes up frequently. Snow retention is a must here in the Northeast. When snow and ice accumulate on a roof it only takes a second before the whole mass can come sliding off. If the snow brake system is not properly installed everything including the failed system will come off the roof damaging virtually anything that’s in the way. Look out below! If property or people are below the snow slide, damage and/or injury will likely occur. Be sure to discuss snow retention with your metal roof contractor.

Improper fastening

Finally, an improperly installed roof is a huge security risk to damage of property.  The last thing you want is for your roof to fail when you need it to hold fast, like when a storm hits. Although metal roofs are naturally sturdy, complications arising from poor installation will reduce its ability to shelter you from weather damage.

When roofs do not have an adequate fastening pattern, the results can be devastating. Many homeowners erroneously believe that if they have a standing seam roof installed, they can easily add solar panels. But unless the roof was installed and properly reinforced with a significantly tighter fastening pattern, the entire roof and solar system could be blown off the structure, resulting in some fairly serious consequences.

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