Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff

Proper Metal Roof Installation

The proper installation of metal roofing requires specific tools and equipment. The typical asphalt roofing contractor does not own these tools and, because of the expense, won’t make the investment in them. For metal roofing contractors, investing in these tools will help guarantee quality installations. Also, these tools will make installations easier, faster, and a much better quality. Metal roofers with the proper tools for the job show that they are professionals.

Proper Snips

Snips are like scissors for metal. There are specific snips for specific tasks. It is not a one size fits all tool.

There are straight cuts, left cuts and right cuts. There is a snip tool for each of those tasks.

Seaming, Hemming, and Bending Tools

We use a seaming or a bending tool to prepare the eave trim and bend around corners. Bending and hemming done without the correct tool makes the roof look like a hack job. Any time we’re bending up the cheek of a dormer or sidewall with a panel, a bending tool needs to be used. These individual hand tools can cost over $1000.00, and it’s one of the most common tools we use throughout an installation.

Heavy duty brake

Bending heavy duty metal requires an expensive piece of equipment called a brake. These brakes are just over 10’ long and allow us to custom bend just about any detail for a proper aluminum metal roof installation. Linear metal is used throughout the installation process and a brake is a must.

Job Shop Trailers

Classic uses job shop trailers on every job. These trailers are virtually a metal shop on wheels. Not only do they carry all the ladders, planks, and staging to a project site, they are self-contained metal working shops specifically for metal roofing. They contain all of the required tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Roof Safety Equipment

Working on a steep sloped roof is dangerous enough, but when that roof is metal, there is nothing to grip onto. Classic has made and continues to invest in the safety of our workers. The state of the art equipment is alway in use, from fall protection tie offs to staging. One of the most useful tools we have for standing seam roof work is what we affectionately call “the yellows”. They are a highly specialized piece of equipment used for working on standing seam roofs. They are pictured above. They don’t give these away either. Each individual unit is about $980. Each of our job shop trailers is equipped with several of these to insure our men are safe on the roof.

For all your metal roofing installation needs, there’s Classic Metal Roofs LLC. We make sure our workers use the right tools and equipment on the job. We provide “the best roofs under the sun” for homes in Amherst, Bedford, Rye, Portsmouth, Raymond, Hudson, Pelham, Hollis, Manchester, Concord, Bow, Nottingham, Plaistow, Atkinson, Derry, Salem and just about every town in southern NH. Call us at (866) 660-6668 for a free consultation.

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