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Why Choose a Residential Metal Roofing Contractor?

The closed view of house roof

Instead of searching “metal roofing contractors near me” and clicking on the first result, understand that not all metal roofers are residential metal roofing companies. Not all residential roofers are experienced in roof metal installation, so it is important to select experienced metal roofing professionals. If you want a new metal roof, you want a… ( read more )

Dealing with Corrugated Metal Roof Leaks

A close-up view of a corrugated metal roof in MA, CT, NH, or RI

How to Deal with Corrugated Metal Roof Leaks Properly A corrugated metal roof can make for an acceptable covering for out buildings and barns, but are definitely not the choice of discriminating homeowners. Being made of steel, they’re tough and wind-resistant when installed properly. They come in wide sheets to cover your entire roof with… ( read more )

Buy Based on Value, Not on Price

a pen and calculator to check the cost of a metal roof in MA, CT, NH, or RI

How Much Does It Cost? One of the first questions I hear from homeowners, contractors, builders and many others when discussing a lifetime metal roof is, “How much does it cost?” And, while I do my very best to answer that question, what I really want to say to them is “You’re asking the wrong… ( read more )

Solar is Hot: The Rise of Residential Solar Systems and Roofs

The top view of the roofs in home

From marginal to mainstream, the interest in residential solar systems is booming. That’s due in part to a recent decision in California, which requires all new homes in the state to include residential solar systems beginning in 2020. That landmark decision is helping drive solar adoption not only in California, but throughout the country.  In… ( read more )

Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff

Proper Metal Roof Installation

The proper installation of metal roofing requires specific tools and equipment. The typical asphalt roofing contractor does not own these tools and, because of the expense, won’t make the investment in them. For metal roofing contractors, investing in these tools will help guarantee quality installations. Also, these tools will make installations easier, faster, and a… ( read more )