Recycled-Recyclable Aluminum Metal Roofs Benefits

A dark red/brown metal roof made with recyclable aluminum in Southern New England

Roof replacement projects generate a lot of waste material from discarded roofing. Homeowners who care about how their roof impacts the environment should consider a metal roofing system when they have their roof replaced. Metal roofers Classic Metal Roofs LLC discuss the benefits of recycling and recyclable aluminum metal roofs.

Aluminum Metal Is an Infinitely Recyclable Material

Few building materials are infinitely recyclable, and aluminum is king. This means that discarded metal roofing can be recycled again and again without degrading. When you buy a metal roof, chances are more than half of it is made from recycled metal. This helps reduce the need to mine new metal, which helps conserve resources and reduce carbon footprint.

Only a Small Amount Ends Up in Landfills

Think about it: a typical aluminum standing seam metal roof or aluminum metal shingle roof is installed using a combination of metal fasteners, metal clips, and metal flashing.  All of these materials can be recycled in some way. If disposed of properly, only a small fraction of the roofing waste will ever end up at the landfill. If all roofs in a city generate that little waste, the rate the local landfill fills up would slow down dramatically.

Long Life Span

Speaking of slowing down, consider that an asphalt shingle roof has a typical life span here in New England of about 15-17 years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, last nearly 100 years, in some cases more. That’s about half the roofing waste generated during its lifespan. Aluminum metal recycling is more efficient and less complicated compared to asphalt shingle recycling, which typically ends up in a landfill.  it takes a short time before the recycled metal is reused into some new building product.

Low Life Cycle Cost

The long life span also means an aluminum metal roof has a lower life-cycle cost. It is true that metal roofs cost a bit more compared to asphalt shingle roofs. But when you consider the savings you get from its low maintenance requirements, fewer repairs because of its durability, and the energy savings from the right roof coating, the total cost over its life span is significantly less.

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