Keep Your Roof Replacement Project on Budget

Roof Replacement Project with Classic Metal Roofs in MA, CT, NH & RI

Buying an aluminum, zinc, or copper roof can hurt your pocket not because of its price but because of poor planning. Like any other big-ticket purchase, to keep your roof replacement project on budget, it is wise to budget for it and avoid spending more than you expect.

To make your home better in different areas with high-quality metal roofing without making your budget a nightmare, Classic Metal Roofs has some advice:

Allow No Allowances

Rule number one in home improvement planning is to be specific to get an accurate estimate. A copper, zinc, or aluminum metal roof is a system. Apart from the roofing panels, realize that other components also factor into the overall project cost. Sort everything out to eliminate allowances in the budget.

Think Outside the Roof

Include the costs of labor and permit application to know how much the project would really cost. Focusing on the cost of materials alone wouldn’t paint the big picture.

Don’t Strip Old Materials Away If Possible

The law allows you to install a second layer of roofing materials. If you haven’t done so, buying a new roof without touching the existing ones can save you a lot of money. The biggest benefit of choosing metal for a roof overlay is its lightweight. In other words, your home is likely to support its heft without reconfiguring your home’s structure. Keep in mind that this is not always possible. Code allows going over one layer of asphalt, however, to do so the asphalt shingles must be in relatively good condition. With its exceptional strength, metal can keep your roof repair costs to a minimum even eliminate them for decades.

Have a Contingency Plan

Be financially prepared for the possibility of additional work. It’s not uncommon to discover unforeseen damage that must be addressed first. You should allow about 20% of your budget to contingencies to absorb new expenses and prevent delays.

Pay in Installments

Obtain financing to break the entire cost of the project into smaller payments. Not only can it make the expense more manageable, it also can help you consolidate several projects. If you need to install PVC roofing membranes for your flat roof in addition to metal roof replacement, a multiple-month payment plan makes everything affordable.

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