Classic Metal Roofs Garners National Recognition

Earlier this month, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC was honored with the 2016 Superstar Award by our metal roofing supplier, Classic Metal Roofing Systems. This award is given to only a few roofing contractors across North America who exemplify superior customer service and quality.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ President, Todd Miller, praised Classic Metal Roofs LLC, “Every year, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC sets an example for home improvement contractors across the country in their care for customers and quality installations. We are honored that they choose to partner with us to serve homeowners in their area.”

Classic Metal Roofing Systems sells its metal roofing systems through a network of independent dealers across North America. Classic Metal Roofing Systems partners and works closely with these independent dealers to ensure consistent quality and care for homeowners around the country. Only a few of these organizations are recognized for their exemplary success and service.

Miller continues, “We relish the opportunity to honor Classic Metal Roofs, LLC as they continue to set an example for the entire history. This is a company that truly excels at what they do.”

Classic Metal Roofing Systems has been manufacturing “the world’s most beautiful metal roofs” since 1980. They have a wide breadth of products that create beautiful facsimiles of traditional shakes, shingles, slates, and tiles. For more information about Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, visit their website at

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