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Why We Recommend Aluminum Metal Roofing for Most Roofing Projects

There are a variety of different metals and chemistry’s that many aluminum metal roofing contractors both install and recommend. When the consultants on our team speak with homeowners looking for information on metal roofing systems, one of the most common question they are frequently asked is, “What type of metal is best for my home?”… ( read more )

Spring Cleaning: “I’m In New England, When Is The Best Time To Get Metal Roofing?”

Boston Public Garden, Boston, MA. Credit to: MOTT. The Northern Hemisphere is beginning to tilt towards the sun as we are approaching warmer weather. The snow is melting, and homeowners all over New England are simultaneously beginning to do work on their homes. A common question among homeowners is when the best time is to… ( read more )

Mother Nature: Protect Yourself, Your Home, and The Environment With A Metal Roofing System

Advanced metal roofing technology that has sprung up over the last few decades includes reflective paints to increase energy efficiency, solar shingles that actually captures the sun’s energy and convert it into electrical energy, and metal roof components that interlock. Metal roofing on a home, in a way, can resemble a knight in armor …… ( read more )

Metal Roofing Contractors: How to Select One

Evaluating metal roofing contractors and selecting one should involve extensive comparative research between the top contractors in the industry in your location. The many factors involved in comparing metal roofing contractors include, but are not limited to: cost, experience, reputation, and flexibility. Red Flags to Avoid Because a metal roof is such a large investment… ( read more )

Hartford Civic Center Not The Only Roof Damaged by Snow in 1978

Snow Roof Damage a Common Occurrence, But Often Preventable The winter season in New England is notorious for its dreadful snow storms. Looking back, on January 18, 1978, when a prominent 10-day long storm hit Hartford, Connecticut, the Civic Center roof tumbled down to pieces due to the excessive weight of accumulated ice and snow…. ( read more )