Copper and Zinc: Resilient Metal Roofing Systems

Copper and Zinc Resilient Metal Roofing Systems in CT

Along with PVC roofing, metal roofs are widely touted as long-term alternatives to asphalt shingles. They are also more durable, more weather-resistant, and last longer. In addition to our premium aluminum roofs, copper and zinc metal roofs are great options for resilience and longevity, along with other benefits.

In this post, Classic Metal Roofs discusses the benefits of copper and zinc metal roofs.

Copper Roofs for Strength

A copper metal roof is one of the most lightweight roofs you’ll ever place on your home, weighing less than a slate or tile roof. Despite this, it’s far from weak. Copper roofs are more durable than even aluminum metal roofs and can easily exceed its 100-year service life.

This is all due to its higher resistance to weather and scratches, as well as its ease of maintenance. Since it’s a lightweight material, it also doesn’t place an extreme amount of stress on the structure of your property compared with tile and slate.

Zinc Roofs for Versatility

Zinc is naturally soft malleable material, which means it’s easy for it to be shaped into a range of forms. Unlike other metals, it’s easy to manufacture it to incorporate curves and other demanding shapes. Don’t let its malleability fool you, though! Zinc retains its natural strength, which means, no matter its size or shape, it will still be strong enough to withstand whatever mother nature decides to throw at it.

Both Are Eco-Friendly

Both copper and zinc metal roofs are some of the most eco-friendly options available today. Both are lightweight, which means there are fewer raw materials needed to actually create them. Zinc, in particular, requires less energy and resources to mine, as it’s available almost everywhere. If you’re planning to turn your home into an eco-friendly place to live, switching to a copper or zinc metal roof is a great first step. Sustainability and recyclability make these 2 base metals an excellent choice. The downside of these two great options is the price . They are more expensive to purchase, but the cost over the long term is much less.

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