Tips for Spring Re-Roofing Project Success Start With Planning Ahead

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With a hot U.S. housing market and still-favorable interest rates, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is predicting a heavier-than-usual demand for qualified metal roofing installers and contractors this season.

For homeowners planning improvement projects this season, that means the time to swing into action is now. That’s especially true for metal roofing, which is booming in popularity thanks to its durability and exceptional performance in severe weather.

Not only is demand increasing for metal roofing, the fact that much of the nation is coming off of a tough winter means there will be a stronger demand than ever for qualified re-roofing contractors. For homeowners, that often means an increase in competition and longer lead times for being able to complete re-roofing projects.

However, even with the flurry of activity predicted for this spring, it’s up to homeowners to vet contractors carefully and make sure the job is done right and to their satisfaction each step of the way. Doing so will help ensure your home is protected, comfortable and will perform reliably for many years to come

For homeowners seeking a quality metal roofing installer, here are five tips to consider:

1) Don’t assume all roofers are equally skilled

Some contractors push homeowners towards a certain roofing material, not because it’s the best or most appropriate for their home, but because it may simply be the option the installer is most familiar with. Make sure your installer is properly trained, experienced and skilled in installing metal roofing. Ideally, look for a roofer that has been in business for at least five years; roofers who don’t do quality work usually don’t last that long.

2) Get referrals

Reputable installers are typically involved in the industry and are committed to keeping abreast of the latest trends and techniques. Check to see if the prospective installer is a member of MRA and other reputable trade alliances. Be sure to ask for and contact recent references. When contacting references, ask if they were satisfied with the work, if the process went smoothly, if the installers were careful and courteous and they did what they promised, including sticking to the estimate and change orders. Also, ask the installer to provide you with a few recent job locations so you can drive by and check out the work. While pictures may be helpful, there’s nothing like seeing how a roof looks first-hand.

3) Do your own homework

With metal roofing alone, there are hundreds of different options, material types, finishes and installation techniques. Request the highest-rated, longest lasting material you can afford and always do your own research for whatever product recommendation your installer suggests, verifying it’s what you want for your home. For resources about metal roofing materials, styles and options, check out or visit the manufacturer’s website directly.

4) Protect yourselfclassic metal roofs installer

Make sure that installers are licensed, insured and carry workers’ compensation coverage. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof-of-insurance certificates and the insurance agent’s name. A reputable installer won’t hesitate to provide you with that information. It goes without saying that evaluating warranties is essential: make sure it covers not only materials and finishes, but leaks, flashing failures and other labor-related defects.

5) Be thorough

Putting on a new roof is only part of the equation. Replacing eaves flashing, pipe boots and roof jacks is less complicated when reroofing, so consider having it done at the same time if needed. Be sure to have your contractor or HVAC provider verify proper attic ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause significant damage, high utility bills and worse case, can lead to serious safety issues.

There’s no doubt that metal roofs are one of the best and most reliable ways to protect your home for the long run. Invest some time and effort upfront before your re-roofing project begins, and it will pay off with many years of loving your home’s roof. For more information, visit

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