What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

Metal roof with graphic reading What You Should Know about Metal Roofing

The words “metal roofing” used to be associated with images of old-fashioned tin roofs that are both rustic and plain. Thanks to recent advancements in design and construction, metal is now known for being an elegant and durable roofing material, making it increasingly popular among homeowners. If you’re interested in investing in a metal roof for your home, Classic Metal Roofs, the area’s premier metal roof company, discusses some qualities you should know:


Metal Roofs can withstand just about any kind of weather. Hurricane winds, heavy precipitation and the harsh sun won’t easily damage your system, keeping your home’s beauty and protection intact. When aluminum metal is installed, you can count on a rust- and rot-resistant lifetime roof.

Fire Resistant

Unlike other roofing materials, metal is non-combustible. This means that in case of a fire, your roof won’t contribute to the flames. The only time metal roofs will be an issue during a fire is if they are installed over a pre-existing flammable material like wood. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, metal is no more susceptible to lightning than other materials. To learn more about this, you can consult Classic Metal Roofs, technical bulletin.


Metal roofs are also perfect for keeping out water. In fact, investing in a metal roof for winter may eliminate ice damming altogether. Its slick surface allows built-up snow and ice to slide off easily, reducing the risks of water damage due to ice dams.


Metal roofs can help you save on energy expenses all year long. Metal roofs reflect light, helping keep your roof and your interior cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. Metal also reflects heat back into your house, limiting heat loss and keeping your home a little warmer in the winter.

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