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Origin, Decline, and Revival of Metal Roofs

Brown metal roof in Rhode Island

Contrary to popular belief, at least in southern New England, metal roofs are as old as time. You may think of them as the newest products on the market, but they’ve actually dominated the global architectural landscape for centuries. To appreciate the advantages of having a metal roof, Classic Metal Roofs shares a glimpse of… ( read more )

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Why Metal Roofs Are Best in Class in RI

One of the many environmental benefits of protecting your home with a metal roof in RI is reduced carbon footprint. If you depend on electricity to run your HVAC system and light up your interior, then you affect the environment, and not in a good way. While most American households are guilty of this, you… ( read more )

Making a Statement with Zinc Roofing

If the goal is to have your home or buildings make an architectural impact, then moving beyond ordinary roofing materials and practices is a must. In areas where traditional asphalt shingles dominate the roofing market, switching to a metal roof can often make a statement. To take metal roofing to the next level, zinc roofing… ( read more )

What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

Investing in a metal roofing for your MA home

The words “metal roofing” used to be associated with images of old-fashioned tin roofs that are both rustic and plain. Thanks to recent advancements in design and construction, metal is now known for being an elegant and durable roofing material, making it increasingly popular among homeowners. If you’re interested in investing in a metal roof… ( read more )