Reducing Carbon Footprint: Why Metal Roofs Are Best in Class in RI

One of the many environmental benefits of protecting your home with a metal roof in RI is reduced carbon footprint. If you depend on electricity to run your HVAC system and light up your interior, then you affect the environment, and not in a good way. While most American households are guilty of this, you can minimize your contribution to the problem with a cool roofing system.

In today’s post, Classic Metal Roofs expounds on the many ways metal roofing installation can help decrease your home’s carbon footprint:

Reducing Heat Transfer

A metal roof is an energy-efficient shade. It reflects most of the infrared light that hits it, keeping the sun from heating up your rooms passively.

In turn, a metal can help your AC to regulate your indoor climate more easily. In addition to lowering your year-round cost for comfort, it would cut down your demand for electricity, thus decreasing the carbon footprint your home generates and mitigating the pollution power plants produce.

Helping You Harness Solar Power

By and large, metal roofs represent half of the green dream team, the other being solar panels. Unlike other roofing materials, metal is an excellent host of a solar PV system because it is incredibly durable for decades. The more free, clean energy you collect from the sun, the less electricity you need to use.

Promoting Recycling

Metals are the most sustainable building materials in the world. While their ores are obtained through mining, which can be destructive to some extent, most of the metal roofs manufactured today consist of recycled content. Metal roofing products, like aluminum, are highly recyclable without compromising any of their natural qualities.

Furthermore, experienced metal roofing contractors in RI would attest that recycling is both environmentally and economically advantageous. Repurposing post-consumer metal products reduce construction and mining waste, air pollution, and water pollution significantly. Plus, melting the scrap to recycle metal uses considerably less energy than producing it from ore.

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